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Groundbreaking publications. Proven results.


About Us
SpecComm is a family-owned company based in Raleigh, N.C., USA. We have a staff of about 25 people located in the U.S. and the U.K.

SpecComm’s owner, Dayton Matlick, founded the company back in 1981, after moving to Raleigh from the Cleveland area, where he worked for Harvest Publishing. Now nearing 80, Dayton still comes to the office most days (driving his little red car), often accompanied by his faithful companion, Luke, his golden retriever.

Many of the staff have been here far longer than the average employee stays in one place—some for more than 20 years! Others of us have worked here, moved on and come back.

We think this speaks loudest about the atmosphere we’ve developed over the years—one where family comes first, coworkers are respected and appreciated and everyone is valued for their contribution to what we do.

About our products
We provide a variety of services, from trade and B2B magazine and custom publishing products to website development and maintenance to public relations and branding activities to events management and concepts. Our global contacts and connections allow us to identify the best local partners everywhere, so we offer exceptional quality, personal service and hard-won experience to our customers, our readers, our exhibitors and our presenters time after time. And it’s why so many of our partners have been our partners for decades.

SpecComm can ensure your complete satisfaction with:

Trade and B2B magazine publishing
Our portfolio of titles is written and produced for audiences that range from American farmers to international pipe collectors and enthusiasts. Current products include:

Pipes and tobaccos magazinePipes and tobaccos
P&T, as we affectionately refer to it, is a quarterly magazine written for discerning pipe smokers and collectors. Our editor, Chuck Stanion, is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on all things pipe and is himself an avid collector and pipe smoker. Our pipe audience looks forward to our annual Pipe of the Year release, which features a limited quantity of first-class pipes by renowned carvers and artisans created exclusively for P&T. Our branded merchandise is  available from an online store, as are copies of back issues for serious collectors. Talk with our knowledgeable staff at many of the U.S.’s pipe shows or stop by the P&T booth at the Chicago, Richmond or Raleigh shows to purchase a pipe or T-shirt.

In its 19th year of publication, P&T is the leading magazine for the hobby and can be enjoyed worldwide by visiting our website,

A real pipe smoker knows the most important thing that affects a good smoke, aside from the pipe itself, is the tobacco in the bowl. Join the more than 60,000 monthly visitors to to share your views and opinions with other committed pipe smokers. Read reviews submitted by others or write a few of your own. It’s an online community that every pipe smoker needs to be a part of. Whether you’ve just picked up your first pipe or you’re selecting your next smoke from an extensive personal collection, make a part of your smoking experience.

A walk-in humidor, a comfortable club chair, The New York Times’ Sunday crossword puzzle and a broad selection of a coveted line of handrolled Fuente cigars … nothing beats it for a cigar smoker. But online stores threaten to take business away from the traditional brick-and-mortar tobacco stores. How to ensure your premium tobacco store stays profitable and carries the latest product introductions? Just read SpecComm’s Tobacconist magazine. The staff of this bimonthly publication connects retailers to cigar manufacturers and accessories providers so sales are up and demand stays high—for everyone. An official publication of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) since 1990, Tobacconist is the must-read resource for its industry. No other magazine that serves this audience does so with the depth of experience and understanding that Tobacconist brings to the table six times a year. When premium tobacco manufacturers need shelf space, have excess inventory or want to launch new products, the smart choice for speaking to their retailers is Tobacconist.

Tobacco Farm QuarterlyTobacco Farm Quarterly
U.S. tobacco farmers need TFQ like they need rain, seedlings and bulk barns. After the quota  system was abolished in the ’90s, many tobacco farmers dropped the golden leaf like a hot potato. So did agricultural publishers, who no longer saw tobacco as a viable commodity for their publishing profits. Not SpecComm International. TFQ was launched after the end of the quota system. Why? Because SpecComm saw a need for tobacco farmers to learn more about turning their farms into productive agribusinesses. No editor can tell a farmer how to grow tobacco, but a good and experienced agricultural editor can educate a tobacco farmer about best practices, product and equipment introductions, new seed varieties, irrigation practices, pest control and labor laws. That’s how a tobacco farmer becomes a tobacco farming business. With profits.

That’s what TFQ does for more than 7,000 American tobacco farmers five times a year.

Plus, TFQ publishes an annual Tobacco Growers Guide, chock-full of Extension services and contacts and product and service suppliers to help increase those profit margins.

Get your tobacco farming updates online at

CTS Resource GuideCTS Report and the CTS Annual Resource Guide
What Tobacconist does for the premium tobacco retailer, our CTS titles do for the thousands of cigarette and tobacco shops across the U.S. Currently offered in a bimonthly newsletter format, the CTS Report publicizes the latest tobacco-related regulations and taxation activity on state and federal levels, introduces new products and provides insider tips on positioning and displaying tobacco products to maximize sales and profits.

Tobacco and cigarette retailers nationwide need to source product. And nothing places those sources in one easy-to-read location like the CTS Annual Resource Guide.

Tobacco ReporterTobacco Reporter
For more than 140 years, Tobacco Reporter has been the definitive source of news and developments affecting the global tobacco manufacturing industry. Depended on by multinational manufacturers, independents, leaf merchants, OEMs and suppliers worldwide, Tobacco Reporter is delivered like clockwork every month into thousands of purchasing departments and management offices around the world.

For a daily dose of news impacting tobacco, Tobacco Reporter‘s daily breaking news can be found on, as can years of searchable back-issue content—so what happened 10 years ago is just as accessible as what’s happening today. Tobacco Reporter‘s annual directory, the Global Tobacco Industry Guide, has been the industry’s resource of choice since its debut in 1986.

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